When it comes to mood for good food, nothing can beat the famous American food joint CHILI'S.

The variety of flavours and the chic decor always keep you coming back and again. The unique culinary style that is required to prepare authentic recipes is something that the chefs there are pro at. The electric menu is in line with various tastes and preferences and serves a variety of delicious American, Italian and Mexican delicacies.

In the above picture you can see a salad, quesadillas and pizza. All three of them tasted yummy. The beans that are served along with many dishes (quesadillas here) are something that makes people order more and more things from the menu.

Pizza looked completely different from its general style. It had exactly right amount of cheese and topped vegetables and a green sauce that you can also see in the picture.

Salad was perfect a crisp with nachos and green vegetables. The sausages added made it more delicious. There's always a salad person in every group.

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Location : Elante Mall, Chandigarh Click Here


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