I was wandering with two friends on a Wednesday noon, and was immediately greeted by a small and cute space named URBANBIRD CAFE & RESTAURANT. The interior of the place was very good with two areas and one of them was very enchanting. 

We ordered Fried Rice with Chilly Paneer (fried rice served with cottage cheese)Chimichanga (Flour tortilla stuffed with rice and assorted vegetable served with salsa and sour cream), Twist Pizza (Double layer exotic vegetables pizza top with the basil oil) and of course my favourite Peri Peri Fries along with Hazelnut Shake and Cranberry Punch.

Firstly, the fries came in. Perfect yellow and crispy with peri peri sauce spreaded over (what we didn't expect). We found the flavour a little missing so we asked for peri peri mix, to which they served us the cajun seasoning that served the purpose completely.

Next came in the Chimichanga and Fried Rice with Chilly Paneer. The filling of the Chimichanga was perfect mix of rice with vegetables. I just loved the Fried Rice with Chilly Paneer. The gravy that they served along with the rice was ideal. 

Finally, the wait was over. Twisted Pizza loaded with cheese came in. We all were drooling when we saw it. The most enjoyable dish that we had was this one. The only issue with it was there was a lot of cheese and it was very heavy. We couldn't finish it.

The Cranberry Punch was luscious and the Hazelnut Shake was very sweet (i don't like too sweet). 

It is a peaceful place with soothing music keeping you calm and cheerful. Also, satisfying place for 3-4 people and casual evening dates.

You can have a look at their menu. Click here 

Location : Tuition Market, Model Town Extension, Ludhiana


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